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Careers in Tourism Management

The tourism industry has been a has been evolving and growing consistently over the last decade. According to, the annual contribution of tourism to the global economy has only during the last ten years. As technology evolves and traveling becomes more accessible, this trend should only continue to see more improvement.

With the continue growth of tourism and its massive contribution to the global economy, it’s easy to see why this has become such a popular career choice in the last few years. With the right education and experience, it becomes significantly easier to start your career off on the right foot.

Career paths in tourism

The travel and tourism industry is global one with wide variety of people in different roles contributing to its continued success. With all of the options available, finding employment becomes much easier. Below is a list of just a few possibilities you can explore as a career

1. Travel Agent
Travel agents help to arrange travel and accommodation for travellers. This means you will need to make bookings, arrange for transfers, and even activities for your clients to do on their holiday. As a manager, you will primarily be responsible for overseeing staff who will be doing the bulk of the work for your clients.

2. Tour Operator
Tour operators work very closely with travel agents. The arrange deals and packages for travellers, which the travel agents then sell to the public. An example of one of these deals is spending seven nights in Paris, which includes accommodation, and sightseeing tours.

3. Tour Guide
Tour guides take tourists on tours of specific areas or through a particular attraction. Most of your skills, knowledge, and experience will be learned on the job. This is because you will need to have excellent knowledge of the places and areas where you take your clients.

4. Leisure Activity Coordinator
These are people who usually work at and for a hotel or a resort. Many hotels and resorts arrange various activities for their guests. A Leisure Activity Coordinator is the person who makes sure that everything is running on time.

With the industry growing at its current rate, more and more opportunities are becoming available to those who wish to pursue a career in this field. If you would like to find yourself in a management role in this industry, our courses should help you achieve this goal. Learn the ins and outs of the travel and tourism industry, as well as essential management skills

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