Can A Person Repeat Matric?

Yes, In today’s fast-paced world, every opportunity to learn and grow is invaluable. Sometimes, it is not the final score on our test paper but the journey of acquiring knowledge that truly defines us. But what if the journey was challenging the first time around? Stick around to find out.

Is Repeating Matric A Possibility?

Yes, Education is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. We all face challenges and unexpected turns in our academic pursuits, and
Matric is no exception. But what if one misstep overshadowed years of effort? It is natural to wonder if there is an opportunity to retake that important year. Think of it like a runner given a second chance at the race.

Is It Possible For A Person To Repeat Matric?

Yes, an individual can repeat Matric in South Africa. If a student is unsatisfied with their results or does not meet the requirements to pass, they can opt to rewrite their Matric exams. This provides a valuable opportunity to improve grades and prospects.

How Many Times Is A Person Allowed To Repeat Matric?

Technically, there is no set limit on how many times one can repeat Matric. However, it is essential to consider factors such as time, age, and personal circumstances. Some institutions might have specific policies, but the national education system does not restrict the number of times a student can repeat.

Can Matric Be Repeated By Individuals Over 21?

Absolutely! Age should not be a barrier to education. Those over 21 can enrol in Adult Matric courses, designed specifically for mature learners. This pathway acknowledges that everyone’s educational journey is unique and may not follow the traditional timeline.

What Are The Different Avenues Available For Repeating Matric?

Life is all about choices, especially when it comes to our education. Just as we pick a route on a map, we also have to select the most suitable path in our educational journey. For those pondering over the Matric re-do, there are several pathways available.

How Can I Repeat Matric?

Ember Academy has become a beacon of hope for many individuals looking to make another go at Matric. Recognizing that every student’s needs are different, they offer a variety of specialized Matric programs



Adult Matric

Designed for mature learners over the age of 21 who wish to complete their Matric certificate.

Matric Rewrite

Tailored for students who have previously attempted Matric exams but wish to rewrite to improve their results.

Matric Upgrade

Ideal for those who have passed Matric but aim to enhance specific subjects to meet tertiary study requirements.

Is It Possible To Repeat Matric Online?

In today’s digital age, the prospect of repeating Matric online is not only possible but is becoming increasingly popular. Online platforms like Ember Academy offer comprehensive Matric courses that cater to the needs of modern students. With the rise of distance learning, students can now access quality education from the comfort of their homes.

What Types Of Matric Rewrite Programs Are Available?

The Matric Rewrite program is designed for students who have previously written their Matric exams but are dissatisfied with their results. Enrolling in this program allows learners to revisit subjects, grasp concepts they previously struggled with, and sit for the exams again. 

This program is beneficial as it can significantly enhance university admission chances or open doors to coveted job opportunities.

How Can One Apply To A Matric Rewrite Program?

Starting anew is not always simple, especially when it involves retracing academic steps. However, with the right guidance, applying for a Matric Rewrite program can be a smooth and easygoing process. Here is a straightforward guide to embarking on this second journey

  • Choose An Accredited Institution
  • Prepare Necessary Documentation
  • Complete The Application

Choose An Accredited Institution

Your future is important, so ensure you are entrusting it to a reputable, accredited institution. Ember Academy, known for its high-quality courses, is an excellent place to start.

Prepare Necessary Documentation

This will likely include your previous Matric results and a valid form of identification. Requirements may vary, so check with your course expert.

Complete The Application

Most institutions offer online applications, a convenient option for many students. With Ember Academy, it is a hassle-free online application experience.

Embarking on a Matric Rewrite might seem daunting, but remember, it is a brave step towards a brighter future. With these steps, you are well on your way to turning your academic aspirations into reality.

What Are The Requirements For Repeating Matric?

When navigating the world of education, knowing the ‘what’ is critical, but understanding the ‘how’ can make all the difference. Like any significant endeavour,
repeating Matric comes with its set of requirements. Let us walk through the maze of prerequisites, ensuring that every step you take is on solid ground.

What Requirements Must Be Met To Repeat Matric?

To reattempt Matric, certain standards and qualifications need  to be in place. While these can vary slightly based on specific institutions or regions, there is a consensus

  • A Previous Attempt
  • Valid Identification
  • Formal Application

A Previous Attempt

Typically, your Matric results from the previous attempt, in the form of an official transcript or certificate, will suffice. If these are lost, you may need to approach the relevant educational board for a certified copy.

Valid Identification

Commonly accepted identification documents include a birth certificate for younger applicants, a national identity card, or a passport. Always ensure that the document is valid and not expired.

Formal Application 

the institution typically provides an application form  by . Fill in all the necessary details accurately. Some institutions might require an application fee, so it is essential to check beforehand. Additionally, be prepared for potential interviews or assessments that might be part of the application process.

Which Matric Rewrite Program Is The Best Fit For Me?

Embarking on a path to redo Matric involves decision-making. Do you walk the known trail of a Matric rewrite, or venture onto the road less travelled – the Adult Matric? Here are some steps to help you make that decision.

  • Assess Your Goals
  • Age Considerations
  • Flexibility and Delivery

Assess Your Goals

Your choice might depend on how comprehensive a review you are seeking. If it is about refining and enhancing your grades in specific subjects, a Matric Upgrade is tailored for this. On the other hand, if you are looking to redo your entire Matric experience, the Adult Matric is your go-to.

Age Considerations

The Adult Matric is specifically designed for those who are 21 years and older. This program acknowledges the unique experiences and challenges older students bring, offering a tailored curriculum and approach.

Flexibility and Delivery

While the traditional Matric Rewrite can often mirror a standard classroom setup, Adult Matric courses, particularly those like Ember Academy’s, champion the concept of distance learning, giving students the latitude to learn from anywhere.

Is It More Advantageous To Repeat Matric Or To Enrol In An Adult Matric Course?

Life is filled with choices, and when it comes to education, those choices can be life-altering. When faced with the decision to redo Matric, two clear paths emerge: the Matric Rewrite and the Adult Matric. Let us have a comparative look to help you decide which path aligns best with your aspirations


Matric Rewrite

Adult Matric

Target Audience

Students who feel they just missed the mark in their initial attempt and believe they can improve with effort.

Individuals aged 21 and above seeking a fresh start in their Matric journey, catering to the wisdom and experiences that come with age.

Curriculum Familiarity

Offers the familiarity of content, which might be suitable for those not far removed from their initial attempt.

Introduces a fresh curriculum tailored to relearning and rethinking, especially suited for those who have been away from the classroom for an extended period.


  • A chance to improve specific grades
  • Continuity in learning, leveraging recent knowledge
  • Customized approach for older learners
  • Opportunity to reshape the entire Matric experience

Ideal For

Those wanting a quick turnaround in redoing their Matric.

Those desiring a comprehensive re-education experience in the Matric curriculum.

Where Can Matric Be Repeated?

In an age where the digital realm intersects with education, the power of distance learning is undeniable. Ember Academy, as a pioneering distance-learning college, stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering:

  • Flexibility
  • Quality Education
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Accessibility


At the heart of Ember Academy’s spirit is the belief that learning should not be confined to physical classrooms. Their platform allows for a flexible learning environment, enabling students to balance other life commitments while pursuing their Matric dreams.

Quality Education

Distance doesn’t dilute quality at Ember Academy. Their meticulously crafted courses ensure that students receive a robust education, regardless of where they’re based.

Comprehensive Support

While you might be studying from a distance, you are never alone. Ember Academy offers a support network, from tutors to online forums, ensuring that every question is addressed, and every challenge met with guidance.


With courses tailored for a diverse range of students, from those revisiting Matric to those venturing into tertiary education, Ember Academy ensures that quality education is accessible to all.

What Are The Alternatives To Repeating Matric?

We are often taught that the Matric certificate is the golden ticket. But what if I told you that there are alternative routes, paths less travelled but equally promising?

What Alternative Options Exist To Repeating Matric?

Matric is not the only ticket to higher education or employment. Various Matric equivalent courses have emerged, offering students flexibility and options that align with their unique needs and aspirations. Here are some offerings from Ember Academy

Is It Possible To Attend University After Failing Matric?

Absolutely. Failing Matric may feel like a major setback, but it does not mean the end of your academic journey. Several paths can lead you to university, even if your initial Matric results are not what you hoped for. Let us explore them

  • Rewrite Or Supplement The Exams
  • Bridging Courses 
  • Further Education And Training (FET) Colleges 
  • Alternative Qualifications
  • Mature Age Exemption
  • Distance Learning 

Rewrite Or Supplement The Exams

The Department of Basic Education in South Africa offers second-chance Matric programs. By rewriting or taking supplementary exams, you can improve your grades and meet university entry requirements.

Bridging Courses

Some universities and colleges offer bridging courses. These are designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to cope with university-level studies, especially if they miss the mark in one or two subjects.

Further Education And Training (FET) Colleges

Enrolling in an FET college allows you to pursue vocational or occupational programs. After completing certain courses, you may qualify for university entrance.

Alternative Qualifications

Consider courses like the National Certificate Vocational (NCV) or the General Education and Training Certificate (GETC). These may pave the way for certain university programs.

Mature Age Exemption

If you are above a certain age (typically 23 years or older) and have work experience, some universities might consider you for admission based on mature age exemption criteria.

Distance Learning

Platforms like UNISA offer distance education. They sometimes have more flexible entry requirements and a variety of courses that can act as a bridge to more advanced university programs

Can Employment Be Secured If Matric Was Failed?

Let us shatter a myth, a Matric certificate is not the only key to success in life. South Africa is bustling with opportunities for skilled individuals in fields where passion and expertise overshadow formal certifications. Some career paths to ponder

  • Artisan (like a carpenter or blacksmith)
  • Digital Marketer
  • Wildlife Conservationist
  • Culinary Artist
  • Local Tour Guide

Remember, while the Matric certificate holds value, it is just one of many paths leading to a successful future in South Africa. The key lies in finding the route that aligns best with your strengths and passions.

What Are The Benefits, Challenges, And Coping Mechanisms Of Repeating Matric?

Ever re-watched a movie and caught details you missed the first time? Similarly, reattempting Matric can offer a fresh perspective, unveiling hidden gems in subjects you thought you knew. This second chance isn’t just about scores; it’s about growth, resilience, and determination.

What Benefits Can Be Gained From Repeating Matric?

There is beauty in repetition – the second time around, concepts often click into place with new-found clarity. Benefits of redoing Matric include

  • Refined Understanding
  • Growth Mindset
  • Confidence Boost 
  • Better Prep 

Refined Understanding

As you revisit subjects, you might find that topics that were previously murky now start to make sense. With repetition comes clarity, allowing for a deeper and more comprehensive grasp on intricate subjects. It is like re-reading a book and discovering details you missed the first time.

Growth Mindset

Facing challenges, especially academic ones, can mould you into a stronger individual. This second attempt at Matric can instil in you a growth mindset, making you more resilient and adaptive to difficulties not just in academics, but in life.

Confidence Boost 

Conquering previously challenging topics can provide a massive confidence surge. As you work through the curriculum, each victory, no matter how small, serves as a testament to your determination and capabilities. Remember, every small success is a step closer to your end goal.

Better Prep 

Being familiar with the structure of exams, the types of questions, and even the pressure that comes with them can be a significant advantage. This familiarity can lead to more strategic study sessions, better time management during exams, and an overall improved performance.

What Challenges May Be Encountered When Repeating Matric?

Every challenge in the Matric journey has its counterpart solution. It is about recognizing these hurdles early on and equipping oneself with the right strategies to overcome them



Lingering self-doubt

Surround yourself with positive affirmations. Display motivational quotes in your study space. Reflect on past achievements and remember that every hurdle crossed has prepared you for this moment. Engage in discussions with peers or mentors to share feelings and gain encouragement.

Staying motivated throughout the study period

Create a vision board displaying your future aspirations—whether it is university life, a dream job, or personal milestones. Break your study content into smaller daily or weekly goals, celebrating each achievement with small rewards. Reading success stories of individuals who excelled in their second Matric attempt can also inspire.

Time crunch and efficient study management

Embrace study tools like planners or apps. Adopt techniques like the Pomodoro method, where focused study intervals are interspersed with short breaks. Allocate more time to subjects or topics you find challenging, ensuring a comprehensive review of all material before the exams.

How Can I Stay Motivated While Studying Matric Online?

This second chance at Matric offers not just an opportunity for academic redemption, but also a chance to build character, determination, and perseverance. With the right fuel for your fire, keeping the momentum going becomes a journey of self-discovery and growth.

  • Visualize Success
  • Establish A Routine
  • Stay Connected
  • Set Short-Term Goals
  • Reward Yourself
  • Stay Inspired
  • Seek Support

Visualize Success

Regularly imagine the moment you get your passing grades. This positive visualization can be a driving force during tough study sessions.

Establish A Routine

Consistency can breed success. Establish a daily study routine, making sure to include regular breaks to recharge.

Stay Connected

Join study groups or online forums where fellow Matric students share their experiences, tips, and challenges. A problem shared often becomes a problem halved.

Set Short-Term Goals

Instead of just aiming for the result, set weekly or even daily goals. Achieving these can give you a sense of accomplishment and push you to tackle more.

Reward Yourself

Celebrate small wins. Whether it is finishing a difficult chapter or taking a mock test, treat yourself to something you love.

Stay Inspired 

Whether it is listening to motivational podcasts, reading success stories, or watching inspirational videos, ensure you have a regular dose of inspiration to keep the fire burning.

Seek Support

Do not hesitate to ask for help, be it from teachers, mentors, or peers. Sometimes, a different perspective or approach can make a world of difference.

What Coping Mechanisms Can Assist With The Stress Of Repeating Matric?

When the path of repetition feels uphill, it is the small coping mechanisms, the ‘lifelines,’ that can make the journey bearable and even enjoyable. Think of these strategies as the hydration stops in a marathon, the places you refuel and rejuvenate

  • Mindful Moments
  • Physical Movement
  • Express to De-stress
  • Variety is the Spice
  • The Power of Pause
  • Stay Hydrated & Nourished

Mindful Moments

Incorporating mindfulness or meditation into your routine is not merely a trend. These practices have been shown to have profound impacts on mental health. 

By dedicating a few minutes daily to stillness and focused breathing, you can reduce the clutter in your mind, offering clarity and calmness. Over time, this can improve your concentration and reduce the anxiety associated with exams and studies.

Physical Movement

The connection between the body and mind is undeniable. Engaging in regular physical activity not only keeps your body healthy but, also releases endorphins. Whether it is a brisk walk in the park, a session of yoga, or even just dancing to your favourite song, these activities can serve as a mental reset, helping you approach your studies with renewed strength.

Express to De-stress

Bottling up feelings can be counter-productive. Whether you choose to maintain a journal, where you pen down your daily experiences and emotions, or you prefer vocalizing your feelings to a confidant, the act of expression can be therapeutic. It offers an avenue to process emotions, identify stressors, and develop coping strategies.

Variety is the Spice 

Monotony can lead to stagnation. By occasionally changing your study environment – maybe moving from your room to a quiet café or a library, or even just rearranging your study space – you introduce a newness that can reignite enthusiasm. Different environments can offer fresh perspectives and reduce feelings of confinement.

The Power of Pause

The age-old adage, “Slow and steady wins the race,” holds truth. Continuous study can lead to diminishing returns in terms of retention and understanding. Instead, adopting techniques like the Pomodoro Technique, where you study intensively for short periods followed by breaks, can optimize your productivity. This approach prevents burnout and ensures that the mind remains receptive.

Stay Hydrated & Nourished

Your brain, like any other organ, requires fuel to function optimally. Consuming a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients and ensuring adequate water intake supports cognitive functions. Think of it as oiling a machine, the right nutrition can ensure your brain operates smoothly, improving focus and memory.

Tapping into these lifelines is not a sign of weakness, rather, it is an intelligent approach to ensuring resilience, endurance, and success in the Matric marathon. It is all about the journey, and these strategies ensure you are well-equipped for it.

What Guidance And Final Thoughts Can Be Offered Regarding Repeating Matric?

As we navigate the intricate channels of
repeating Matric, it is essential to recognize that this journey, while demanding, offers opportunities for growth, self-reflection, and resilience-building. Let us bring this voyage into focus, spotlighting the guidance one might need to sail through successfully.

What Tips Can Help In Success In Matric The Second Time Around?

Tackling the Matric journey again requires more than just a decision, it requires action, strategy, and persistence. Below are some nuanced stepping stones to ensure that your second venture is not only successful but also more enriching.

  • Dedicated Study Hours
  • Active Participation
  • Review Regularly
  • Seek Mentorship

Dedicated Study Hours

In a world rife with distractions – from smartphones to TV shows – carving out dedicated study hours is a game-changer. This doesn’t mean merely allocating time but creating an environment conducive to studying. Maybe it is a quiet corner of the house, lit just right, with all your resources within arm’s reach. This dedicated space and time can become the sanctum where knowledge gets absorbed.

Active Participation

Beyond just attending lessons or sessions, active participation is the key to immersive learning. This involves asking questions, even if they seem trivial, and participating in group discussions. This level of engagement deepens understanding, making the content more relatable and less abstract.

Review Regularly

Instead of the last-minute cramming that most students default to, regular reviews can work wonders. This means going over the day’s lessons each evening, making notes, and testing oneself. This habitual reflection ensures the content shifts from short-term to long-term memory, making recall during exams more effortless.

Seek Mentorship

The value of mentorship is often underestimated. Finding someone who has been through the grind, understands the challenges, and can offer tailored advice is invaluable. It is not about replicating their strategy but drawing insights and adapting them to one’s unique learning style.

Navigating the waters of Matric repetition can be less daunting when these strategies are in place. They not only offer a roadmap, but also equip one with the tools needed to chart an effective course to success.

What Are The Chances Of Passing Matric On The Second Attempt?

Repeating Matric, while daunting, can be reframed as a golden opportunity. It is a chance to revisit, refine, and reinforce. By approaching this challenge with a proactive mindset, the potential for personal growth and academic excellence becomes tangible. Embrace this journey not as a setback but as a stepping stone to greater achievements.

What Common Mistakes Should Be Avoided When Repeating Matric?

Even with the best map in hand, there are pockets of quicksands that can hinder your journey. It is not just about knowing where they are but understanding their nature and devising strategies to circumnavigate them

  • Procrastination’s Lure
  • The Solitude Trap
  • The Mirage Of Overconfidence
  • Forgetting The Self In Self-study

Procrastination’s Lure

The allure of “I’ll do it tomorrow” is a siren song for many. It is a temporary relief that often leads to mounting pressures as the days go by. Breaking tasks into bite-sized chunks and rewarding oneself upon completion can help keep procrastination at bay.

The Solitude Trap

While self-study demands a level of solitude, too much isolation can be counter-productive. It is essential to strike a balance – perhaps by joining study groups or scheduling regular interactive sessions. These engagements can infuse fresh perspectives and prevent feelings of being overwhelmed.

The Mirage Of Overconfidence

Confidence is great, but overconfidence can be misleading. It creates a mirage where one feels everything is under control, usually skipping vital parts of revision. Regular self-assessments and mock tests can be the reality checks that ensure genuine preparedness.

Forgetting The Self In Self-study

The strictness of Matric repetition can sometimes lead to students neglecting their well-being. Remember, a well-rested mind absorbs better, and a healthy body sustains longer study hours. Scheduled breaks, nutritious meals, and regular physical activity can go a long way in ensuring one remains optimal.

Awareness of these potential pitfalls, coupled with strategies to navigate them, ensures that the journey of Matric repetition is smoother and more productive.

What Steps Should Be Taken If Matric Is Failed Again?

Facing the disheartening reality of failing Matric a second time can be overwhelming. However, it’s crucial to remember that this is not the end, it is merely a bend in the journey. Here is how to pivot and chart a renewed course

  • Self-assessment
  • Seek Guidance
  • Consider Alternative Learning Modes
  • Resilience And Mindset


It is essential to reflect and identify where things went wrong. Was it a particular subject? Time management? Study techniques? Understanding the root causes can help in addressing them effectively.

Seek Guidance

Connecting with educational counsellors or teachers can provide clarity. Their insights can offer new strategies or even alternate learning avenues one might not have considered before.

Consider Alternative Learning Modes

Perhaps the traditional classroom setup is not the most effective for you. Exploring alternative modes like online courses, tutoring, or different learning institutions might be the change you need.

Resilience And Mindset

A setback, though hard, can be a powerful lesson. Embracing a growth mindset, where challenges are viewed as opportunities for growth, can help reshape one’s approach to learning and facing challenges.

Every bend in the road offers a new perspective. With the right strategies and mindset, one can harness these setbacks as stepping stones towards eventual success.

With institutions like Ember Academy offering tailored pathways, the journey to redo Matric becomes not only possible but promising. Remember, every educational hiccup is merely a detour, not a dead end. With dedication and the right resources, the path to success is always within reach.

People Also Asked

Many institutions and training programs understand the constraints of not having a Matric certificate and offer a range of courses that do not require one. Examples include:

  1. Short Learning Programs: These courses typically concisely cover specific skills or subjects and are ideal for those looking to enhance their CV or acquire a new skill.
  2. Vocational Training: Courses such as plumbing, electrical work, or beauty therapy often do not require a Matric certificate.
  3. Artisan Courses: Skills like carpentry, welding, and masonry can be learned through apprenticeships or dedicated schools.
  4. Online and Distance Learning: Many online platforms, like Coursera or Udemy, offer courses on a plethora of topics without Matric prerequisites.

Yes, it is entirely possible to redo Matric, irrespective of how long it has been since you first wrote the exams. Institutions, especially distance learning colleges like Ember Academy, offer adult Matric courses catering to those who want to complete their Matric later in life.

The cost to redo Matric varies based on the institution, type of program, and location. It is advisable to research specific institutions and consult their fee structures. Remember, while government schools might be cheaper, private institutions or colleges could offer more flexible schedules and study methods.

Typically, Matric courses span a year. However, there are accelerated programs or “Matric crash courses” which cover the syllabus in a shorter time, like 3 to 6 months. These are intensive and require a significant time commitment, but they can be beneficial for those on a tight schedule.

If a student fails their Matric exams, they will not receive the National Senior Certificate, which is the official Matric certification. However, they will receive a statement of results that indicates their scores in the subjects they took. This document can be useful when applying to rewrite specific subjects or to use as a reference for vocational training.

Author: Roegshana Pamplin 
Editor: Caitlin Roux
Date Published: February 7, 2024

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